I’m so fucking sad…..
And i just cut it down in my skin…
now, i want to leave…
i walk alone with my fear, i can’t take it anymore. I try to gettin better, to feel better, to be a good nice person who live in a self made lovely life. But the past is everytime just a little step behind my back. I don’t know how really hard he can do thing’s to me after all these time. I grow up, I’m an older person now. But the fear is never gone. And there’s no one who can really help me. I have just to look forward and say to everyone “everything’s fine, I’m fine". But there is every time a lonley little girl deep inside of me who can’t breathe.

30.6.13 16:02

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lamouristliebe / Website (1.7.13 17:19)
"And i just cut it down in my skin..."

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